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Patient & Doctor

Teliox is bridging the gap between Patient & Doctor by provided sophisticated solutions to the medical field. With the lack of analysis and communication on a patient’s data, Teliox believes in establishing a new solution that allows doctors and patients to learn more about symptoms present to provide a more precise diagnosis and increase the health of patients. 









About Teliox



Our device collects data on a patient which generates a personalized baseline that grants doctors with the ability to track and monitor a patient. Having a personal baseline is important because it allows a doctor to have an overview on a patient’s health. For instance, when a patient visits a hospital, the doctor will be able to analyze and measure how severe the patient’s illness is compared to when he is healthy. The data will also be used to further measure, identify, and diagnose a patient. Currently, this is not done, we expect a doctor to identify a patient’s illness with little to no previous medical history or data. Our device and software will allow doctor’s to effectively and rapidly identify a patient’s illness, measure reactions on a medication, and provide aid on evaluating the patient.

Everyone Deserves A 

Valued Treatment

At Teliox, our main priority is to provide every patient with a personal baseline. This includes a patients medical history of any medical diagnosis. Currently, patients don't have any medical record of themselves and can't assess their past medical records. With Teliox patients will have a record of all their highs and lows through Teliox secure personal baseline system.

Our Software

Real Time Data

Real time data synchronization allows doctors to see all data analysis of our software and hardware in real time

Medication Response Analysis

Our software analysis a patient's response to a given medication which allows doctors to see the effect it had on each vital. 

Data Analysis

Our sophisticated AI powered algorithms allow doctors to monitor patients, and evaluate their progress over time

Teliox Sensors

Heart Monitoring

Oxygen Saturation

Carbon Dioxide



Fluids In

Patented Technology

Our Technology is one of a kind, we rely on state of the art software and hardware, Our products have been tested hundreds of times to unsure validity. We have numerous patents that help us develop products for our customers that no other company can provide.

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