Hospitals With Teliox

Teliox hardware and software combined will provide hospitals the ability to monitor the patients health through a different perspective. The way medicine is practiced and the way hospitals diagnose patients will change with Teliox.

How Hospitals Benefit

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Patient Data Aggregation In 


At Teliox we believe it is important to do a cross analysis of different variables to determine a diagnosis for every patient. Our software and Hardware allows doctors to perform cross analysis of every patient and keep a record of their health. Doctors will be able to see how different variables such as Oxygen, Heart Rate, Fluids In and Carbon Dioxide affect each other through the input of medications.

Reduce Readmission Rates

Our goal in hospital is to decrease the number of patient readmission rates, if a patient is readmitted within 30 days, the Federal Government’s programs allow for Medicare to collect 3% back from the patients stay (this fiscal year of recoupment from the hospitals due to readmission totals $420 million for Medicare alone). Teliox would allow hospitals to confidently discharge patients earlier while addressing possible pre and post discharge issues.

Decrease Over-treatment

Treatment such as Oxygens are one of the most commonly administered therapies in hospitals but most patients who are given oxygen are significantly over-treated and many do not even need it at all. The daily cost for hospitals is quite substantial, as the average quoted price per patient is $10 per day.  When added up, this totals anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. Using Teliox to accurately depict the appropriate amount of oxygen needing to be administered, hospitals will be able to save thousands.

Vital Data Collection

Elimination of manual collection of vitals saves time and money: Teliox will automatically collect a patients complete set of vitals. With more accurate measurements and less staff attention the benefits are enormous.

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