Individuals With Teliox

Teliox hardware and software combined will provide hospitals the ability to monitor the patients health through a different perspective. The way medicine is practiced and the way hospitals diagnose patients will change with Teliox.

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Do you know or have all of your historical health? To most the answer is NO. Teliox provides a personal baselines that keeps track of all patients health. At Teliox we believe on patient empowerment and that every patient needs to be in control of their health. With Teliox users can also communicate with their doctors about any health concern.

How We Benefit Patients 

Teliox benefits patients by providing them a personal baseline, at any time patients can look at their historical data and analyze their health. Teliox will also provide the patient the opportunity to be in contact with their doctor 24/7, patients will also be able to use diverse sensors provided by Teliox to capture and share their data to a doctor from home, when traveling or in a hospital.

Critical Data

While collecting data is important, it is also important to analyze that data in real time, with Teliox individuals are able to monitor their health over a period of time and determine any symptoms through cross analysis of all their vitals.