Insurance With Teliox

Insurance companies will be able to lower costs, by doing an analysis of the effectiveness of treatments that are done in hospitals, and private practitioners.

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Insurance Companies 

Teliox can aid insurance companies in decreasing their cost significantly, when a patient is discharged they don't know if oxygen is needed, how much and when it needs to be used. As a result, over-treatment is caused and insurance companies loss money. With Teliox Insurance companies can keep an eye on patients and determine their need for treatments based on their real time health data.

How We Benefit Insurance


In 2008 nationwide there were over 800000 admissions with COPD exacerbation alone, with average overall cost of 6.1 billion and mean length of stay of 4.8 days. If the length of stay is shortened by one day the savings would be around 1 billion in COPD alone. With Teliox hospitals will be able to increase their savings by decreasing the numbers of readmission as a result of the same condition. In addition, patients will be able to be monitored from home and will not have to stay longer periods in the hospital, this will allow insurances to save millions of dollars of patients extended stays.