‚ÄčOur hardware consists of multiple sensors that allow us to collect valuable information from a given patient. The small size of our device allows patients to carry it around without any burden. Also, the modular design of our device allows hospitals to use the various sensors provided to monitor and analyze a patient and their health. Our device effectively analyzes the data received from sensors to give doctors the best perspective on how well a patient's health.

Hardware Sensors

Our hardware includes but is not limited to the following sensors.

Pulse Sensor
Flow Meter
Pulse Oximetry Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Data Analysis

The implementation of data analytics can help doctors  avoid inflicting unnecessary harm on patients, by helping them avoid treatment mistakes or post-op infections. Data is highly valuable for improving diagnosis and can help to analyse a whole host of issues including symptoms, pharmaceuticals and dosage. Without this information, it would be considerably more challenging for medical professionals to come to the right decisions.


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