Our Markets


Teliox mission is to aid hospitals in reducing readmission rates through our multi-sensor device. Our device will allow hospitals to monitor patients in the hospital and at home. Therefore, doctors will be able to monitor a patients health to determine the gratitude of their illness.

Private Practice

With Teliox Private Practitioners can keep a constant analysis of their patients’ health. Communication is crucial so Teliox provides Private Practitioners the ability to keep 24/7 contact with their patients. With Teliox software and hardware Private Practitioners will be able to analyze their patients’ health remotely. Private Practitioners will also be able to analyze data that has been recorded by Teliox devices and compare it to live data to provide a baseline for comparison and provide a diagnosis.

Physiotherapy Session

When was the last time you had a personal record of your health? With Teliox individuals will own 100% of their health history. This data can be looked at any time and shared to doctors. This personal baseline will not only be owned by individuals but can be used by doctors to compare different states of the individual. With Teliox individuals will also be empowered to increase their health, they will be more eager to learn about their progress and be more involved in the process of developing better health habits.


What treatments actually make a difference? Are some treatments more cost effective than others? Their questions that insurance companies might be asking themselves and that Teliox might have the answer. With Teliox insurance companies will be able to assess the impact that a specific treatment had on a patient. Why give a costly treatment to a patient when it’s not having an effect? Teliox will be able to provide a clear analysis and help insurance companies lower their costs dramatically.

Insurance Agent