Doctors With Teliox

Doctors with Teliox will be able to analysis patient data through a new perspective, doctors will be able to use Teliox hardware and software to make more sophisticated analyses.


Doctors + Teliox



When a patient is in an unhealthy state it is important to know the normal state of that patient to determine the severity of the condition or the cause. With Teliox record of the patient in a normal and bad state, doctors can inspect and analyze the cause of the problem and how to treat it. With Teliox doctors can also analyze the health of a patient (telecommunication) without the patient being present.

How We Benefit Doctors

Teliox can save doctors time and money. When diagnosing a patient doctors can use Teliox to see the patients health history and determine an accurate diagnosis. Teliox will also aid doctors in determining the progress of each individual patient. In the case of a patients abnormal signs or when a critical threshold has been passed, the doctor will be notified immediately of the situation.

Our Device With Doctors

The Teliox monitoring system would greatly impact both patients and faculty at Nursing Homes and Outpatient facilities. Elevated care and support comes with easier monitoring of vitals, automatic alerts, record keeping and more accurate depiction of patient overall status. Whether it be patients who were recently discharged and are at high risks for readmission or long-term tenants of the facilities Teliox can serve as a great tool for private practitioners to evaluate and analyze their patients. 

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