Medicine has come a long way, but with technology we can take it so much further. Teliox will provide hospitals & doctors with the tools necessary to complete research and discover new solutions and preventable problems within the field.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube
Research And Development

Setting Higher Standards

Our team is passionate to create something that will make difference in human life, our community and elevate patients by giving them knowledge and make them capable to make decisions.


Constant development is important, that is why Teliox focuses on the development of health. Teliox wants to give patients empowerment and change how medicine is practiced. Every day we strive to provide a clear and functional software that doctors and patients can easily understand.


Teliox hardware is one a kind. We rely on state of the art sensors to make sure that doctors and patients get the best results. Teliox is constantly making improvements to make sure that users are able to have the best and most sophisticated hardware.

Image by Christian Wiediger

Teliox wants patients and doctors to have the best experience possible. With Teliox custom software patients and doctors will all have a seamless experience while reviewing crucial analytics.